"Pakistan: Moving the Economy Forward."edited by Dr. Rashid Amjad and Shahid Javed Burki

This book is a comprehensive study of Pakistan’s economy in a historical and contemporary perspective. It provides both an evolutionary view of the country’s economic performance as well as a commentary on currently important and topical issues. Bringing together leading experts in different spheres of the economy, it explores the key policy challenges facing the economy today at the macro and sectoral levels.

The wide range of issues addressed by the authors offers a breadth of coverage that takes into account the social, political and economic dynamics underpinning the development debate in Pakistan. The sectors of the economy selected for analysis by the authors comprise the set of economic domains that are recognized today as amongst the most relevant for policy action.

The articles in the book combine to address the problems in the economy in both an economic and a governance context, thus offering a wide ranging perspective on the variety of challenges affecting the country’s economic performance. The authors offer detailed assessments of the country’s response to challenges in fields such as growth, equity, inflation, poverty, energy, exports, international trade, tax reform and foreign investment as well in matters such as governance, inclusiveness, institution building, intergovernmental relations and participatory development. Apart from addressing the contributory factors to the economy’s performance, the authors put forward a number of proposals and measures for reform and improved economic performance.

In view of its treatment of development issues from the point of view of both economic as well as non-economic factors, the book can be read profitably by scholars, students of economics as well as the general reader with an interest in Pakistan’s development.

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