At GIDS, we aim to provide our students with an inclusive and healthy environment that helps them grow as academics, professionals, and individuals. Our team of dedicated professionals and academics is available to facilitate our student’s academic pursuits.

Keeping in mind students and faculty’s mental well-being, the campus has a number of green spaces and benches setup. Spring season is particularly enjoyable; each year GIDS organises a flower show where the campus gardeners get to flaunt their range of blossoming flowers. The show is followed by a garden party for everyone on campus including students, faculty, administration, and helping staff.

The central location of the campus also provides access to a range of recreational activities for students off-campus.

The library at GIDS has a rich and diverse collection of over 5,000 books that cut across multiple disciplines in order to enrich the intellectual capacities of our students, faculty, and researchers. Books, reports, databases and archives our categorised according to sections such as The Economic History of Pakistan, Migration andĀ  Diaspora Studies, Gender Studies, Government of Pakistan Publications, Philosophy, and Literature. The institute also has subscription to electronic journals which are available to benefit from for the current students, faculty and alumni.
The computer lab is equipped with computers, scanners, printers, and high-speed internet.
Badminton and table tennis court have been set up to nurture the physical and mental well-being of our students.