Reforms in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas

Mr. Khalid Aziz Senior Strategy Advisor to the Ministry of States and Frontier Regions and former Chief Secretary to the KP government gave a talk at the Graduate Institute of Development Studies on 10th May, 2017. His talk focused on the FATA reforms package, its main features, the conflicting views on it, it’s potential for national consolidation and its importance to the people of FATA.
Mr Khalid Aziz pointed out that FATA had been ignored over the years by government, political leaders, bureaucrats and other agencies and as result faced serious developmental delays. He talked about the internal and external criticism in respect of the reforms, the resistance they faced and the impediments they are likely to face in future from different political leaders and factions in the country. He considered the constitution of a separate tribal region a mistake, as it alienated those areas from the rest of the province. He opined that Pakistan had paid a huge price for this policy in terms of stability and security. He concluded that FATA reforms promised to deliver better economic, political and social outcomes for FATA as this would enable greater autonomy for this region with a better justice system and an increased volume of resources for its development.