Migration and Mobility after the 2020 Pandemic: The End of an Age?

Published in Compas.ox.ac.uk 
By Alan Gamlen



This paper sets an agenda for research on the future of human migration and mobility after the 2020 Pandemic. It poses ten key questions: (1) Will countries need less labour migration? (2) Will migrant decision-making change? (3) Will anti-immigrant sentiment grow? (4) Will autocratic regimes suppress diversity? (5) Will migration restrictions proliferate? (6) Will ‘travel bubbles’ become economic regions? (7) Will international student migration recover? (8) Will commuter travel decline? (9) Will immobility reshape cities?, and (10) Will demographic and mobility transitions change course? If such things happen, the Pandemic could mark the end of the long post-war global boom in international population movements that is often called ‘the age of

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