Dr. Anis Alam

Dr. Anis Alam is a Professor at the Graduate Institute of Development Stuides (GIDS), Lahore School of Economics. Has published numerous research papers in prestigious international journals such as, Physical Review, Nuclear Physics, IL. Nuovo Cimento, Acta Crystallographica, Physic Stat Solidi, Solid State Communications, International Journal of Bifurcation & Chaos; and 16 papers on issues related to science and development that have appeared in international journals (Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars (USA), Race & Class (UK), Social Scientist, Bulletin of Sciences (India)) and proceedings in UK, France, Egypt, Italy, India, Malaysia and Pakistan.

He has been active in popularizing science having published translations of books by Nobel Laureate Prof. Abdus Salam, Steven Hawking and George Gamow. He has also published three under-graduate physics textbooks & three popular accounts of science and philosophy.

Published work by Dr. Anis Alam

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