Inflation and devaluation

By Khurram Husain Published in Dawn on August 31, 2023 FOR more than two and a half years now, at least, the country has been seeing relentless and unending pressure on the exchange rate and the price level. The present bout of exchange rate volatility began in May 2021 and has continued unabated since then. The dollar […]

High living cost pushing more people into poverty: ADB

By Amin Ahmed Published in Dawn on August 28, 2023 ISLAMABAD: The increased cost-of-living crisis sparked by surging inflation last year, combined with the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, is continuing to push people in Asia and the Pacific into extreme poverty, according to a new report released by the Asian Development Bank. An estimated 155.2[…]

Securing Pakistan’s water

By Sherry Rehman Published in The News on August 26, 2023 Every summer, Pakistan braces for flooding as the monsoon season and growing summer heatwaves cascade to trigger a series of flood emergencies all over the country. This year too, thousands of people and livestock went into crisis and evacuation as the River Sutlej rose to high[…]