CAD projected at $9.2b for 2024

By Shahbaz Rana Published in The Express Tribune on April 28, 2023 ISLAMABAD: The government has projected a $9.2 billion current account deficit (CAD) for the next fiscal year, which will keep Pakistan’s total external financing requirements over $34 billion for the second consecutive year. Compared to the rise in the CAD and total external financing needs, […]

Migrants, Refugees, and Societies

By Parsi Legend Published in worldbank.org “The priestly leaders of the Parsis were brought before the local ruler, Jadhav Rana, who presented them with a vessel full of milk to signify that the surrounding lands could not possibly accommodate any more people. The Parsi head priest responded by slipping some sugar into the milk to signify how[…]



IMF struggles to find trustworthy partners

By Salman Siddiqui Published in The Express Tribune on April 20, 2023 KARACHI: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is facing a challenging question regarding whom to trust in Pakistan to revive its $7 billion loan programme for the nation. The incumbent government, led by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, has continued to fulfil commitments with the IMF and[…]