Young People with Migrant Parents

Published in on March 23, 2021 Making Integration Work The OECD series Making Integration Work summarises, in a non-technical way, the main issues surrounding the integration of immigrants and their children into their host countries. Each book presents concrete policy lessons for its theme, along with supporting examples of good practices and comparisons of the migrant […]

IMF Executive Board Completes the Combined Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Reviews of the Extended Fund Facility for Pakistan

Published in International Monetary Fund on March 24, 2021 The IMF Executive Board completed today the combined second through fifth reviews of the Extended Arrangement under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) for Pakistan, allowing for an immediate purchase equivalent to about US$500 million for budget support. Program performance has remained satisfactory notwithstanding the unprecedented challenges of the[…]



State Bank Act amendments

By Khurram Husain Published in DAWN on March 25, 2021 LET me start with a disclaimer. I will not venture an opinion in this article on whether the proposed amendments to the State Bank Act are good or bad. I will simply lay out what is happening here and let the readers decide for themselves whether it[…]