Pakistan heading towards record $20bn deficit mark

By Mehtab Haider Published in The News on February 28, 2022 ISLAMABAD: All projections to curtail the rising current account deficit dashed to the ground in the wake of rising international prices; it is being feared that Pakistan is heading towards a historic record of $20 billion deficit mark. In the wake of the ongoing lingering war […]

Too hot to live in

By Samar Quddus Published in The News on February 26, 2022 Pakistan has a long-standing history of migration – both within the country and out of it. The relevance of emigration in shaping the country’s economy can be recognised by the fact that Pakistan is one of the world’s top ten emigration countries. The Labour Force Survey[…]



Foreign debt peaks to $13b in Jul-Jan

By Shahbaz Rana Published in The Express Tribune on February 24, 2022 ISLAMABAD: The government received over $13 billion in foreign loans during the first seven months of current fiscal year, an increase of 70% over the same period of previous year, with no immediate respite in sight from growing indebtedness of Pakistan. The Ministry of Economic[…]