Pakistan’s overseas remittances exceed $2bn for 10th straight month

Published in DAWN on April 12, 2021 Remittances from Pakistani workers employed abroad exceeded $2 billion for the 10th consecutive month in March at $2.7 billion — up 43 per cent from a year earlier, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) said on Monday. Proactive policy steps by the government and the SBP to spur inflows through […]

Young People with Migrant Parents

Published in OECDiLibrary.org on March 23, 2021 Making Integration Work The OECD series Making Integration Work summarises, in a non-technical way, the main issues surrounding the integration of immigrants and their children into their host countries. Each book presents concrete policy lessons for its theme, along with supporting examples of good practices and comparisons of the migrant[…]



Qatar extends minimum wage to all

Published in Arab News on March 20, 2019 DOHA: A minimum wage of $275 a month came into force for all workers in Qatar Saturday, official media reported. The minimum became mandatory for all newly signed contracts from August 30, and will now also be compulsory for existing employment agreements. It requires that all workers, including domestic[…]