Remittance diversity and economic stability

By Dr Mazhar Mughal/Dr Junaid Ahmed Published in The Express Tribune on July 21, 2021 The just-ended financial year (FY21) witnessed a record increase in home remittances, which crossed $29 billion for the first time in the country’s history. The 27% year-on-year growth is the highest the country has seen since FY04. Since the 1970s oil boom,[…]



From food surplus to famine?

By Zeba Sathar Published in DAWN on July 08, 2021 ON July 1, Prime Minister Imran Khan absented himself from a high-level national security briefing to address an even more crucial threat facing Pakistan — food insecurity. On some level, it was heartening to see the prime minister focusing on a looming national concern. While focusing on[…]