Govt on an even keel as IMF okays $1.1bn tranche

By Mehtab Haider Published in The News on August 30, 2022 ISLAMABAD: The coalition government’s months-long strenuous efforts finally delivered on Monday as the IMF Executive Board revived the stalled programme and approved the combined 7th and 8th reviews and release of $1.1 billion tranche under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF). The Fund augmented the size of […]

Inflation is a tough nut

By Mohiuddin Aazim Published in DAWN on August 29, 2022 In August 2021, annual inflation in the US was 5.3 per cent. It rose gradually to hit a 40-year high of 9.1pc in June 2022 before slipping to 8.5pc in July. Similarly, the inflation rate in the UK began rising from 3.1pc in September last year and[…]

Ravaged agri lands

Published in The Express Tribune on August 27, 2022 As expected, the reverberations of climate change are now directly impacting water and agriculture in Pakistan. The country’s climate change division has asserted that 152 extreme climactic events have occurred in the last two decades as a significant shift in the intensity and frequency of weather patterns were[…]