Chronicle of a crisis foretold

By Murtaza Syed Published in The Express Tribune on January 30, 2023 With just $3.7 billion left in foreign exchange reserves, Pakistan is once again staring into the abyss. Only the IMF team’s arrival today offers a glimmer of hope that we will be able to stave off default. Eighteen months of smoke and mirrors have brought […]

Recalibrating governance – Part II

By Ishrat Husain Published in The News on January 27, 2023 The frequent takeovers by military regimes and the consequential screening of hundreds of civil servants led to the subservience of the civil service to military rulers, erosion of the authority of the traditional institutions of governance and loss of initiative by the higher bureaucracy. Given the[…]



CCP asks for strict enforcement of laws

Published in The Express Tribune on January 17, 2023 KARACHI: Complete implementation of the competition laws will reduce the price of essential items by 25 to 30%, end the price cartel operating in different sectors and convert Pakistan’s economy into a functional one, said Rahat Kaunain, Chairperson of the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP). Addressing a discussion[…]