Rethink public finance rules and live with much higher debt, IMF says

Published in The News on January 29, 2021 LONDON: Most advanced economies can live with much higher levels of public debt after the coronavirus crisis, according to the IMF, which has said nations should “rethink” their public finance rules rather than rushing to reduce their liabilities. After the financial crisis a decade ago the fund recommended that […]



21st century crises demand new economic understanding, say top economists

Published in oxford university Leading economists, including Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, Argentina’s Minister of Economy Martin Guzman, as well as academics from Oxford, Yale, Columbia, and UCLA, are calling today for a deep shift in how economists understand the overall economy. According to the new thinking, a series of massive economic shocks have left traditional economic theory[…]



Pakistan can take IT exports to $10b

Published in The Express Tribune on January 19, 2021 KARACHI: Pakistan has the potential to enhance its IT exports to $10 billion from the current $2 billion, said a report released by the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI). The report titled “OICCI Recommendations for Digital Economy” highlighted the much-needed shift required to capture the[…]