Data release: Remittances to low- and middle-income countries on track to reach $551 billion in 2019 and $597 billion by 2021

Published in World Bank Blogs,  October 16, 2019 We have decided to release the latest data on worldwide remittance flows via this blog. For the latest data on global migration and a well-rounded discussion of issues relating to migration, remittances and development, please refer to the recent World Bank report. The first part of the blog covers […]



Remittances from overseas Pakistanis are on the rise. Is PTI the reason?

Published in PRISM, Dawn, November 16th, 2019 PTI is said to be popular among overseas Pakistanis but is that translating into a rise in remittances? Remittances to Pakistan have been growing steadily since 2005 and whereas regimes with varying outlooks and strategies have been in power in the country, their distinct political and economic outlooks do not[…]



False signals

Anjum Altaf Published in Dawn, October 27th, 2019 THE prime minister has praised his economic team for an ‘economic turnaround’ that comprises declines in the current account and fiscal deficits and increases in FDI and remittances. All these are misleading indicators but one is especially egregious and contradictory. Why is the increase in remittances considered part of[…]