Opinion Piece: Jinnah Institute

Published in Jinnah Institute on May 08, 2020 Hard choices only … The challenge thrown up by Covid-19 to lives and livelihoods is among the most serious facing Pakistan in recent times. While the country has experienced colossal natural disasters in the past, large parts of the country and the economy remained fairly insulated from the after-effects […]



Estimates of the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Pakistan’s Economy

Published in lahoreschoolofeconomics.blogspot on May 08, 2020 We have estimated the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on Pakistan’s GDP and employment. Using a General Equilibrium Macro (GEM) model for the Pakistan economy that the Modelling Lab Team at the Lahore School’s Innovation and Technology Centre has developed over the past two years for policy simulations and teaching.[…]



Lockdown Paradox

Published in Jinnah Institute on May 06, 2020 Economic Dynamics and Resource Envelopes Like many other countries, Pakistan continues to debate the trade-off between lives and livelihoods in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Much of this debate, it appears, has had two distinguishing features in Pakistan; (i) that it is static – in the sense that[…]