Suddenly Migrants with Skills are Wanted: New York Times

By DAMIEN CAVE AND CHRISTOPHER F. SCHUETZE Published in The New York Times on November 27, 2021 Wealthy world dangles visas and residency to fill labor shortages As the global economy heats up and tries to put the pandemic aside, a battle for the young and able has begun. With fast-track visas and promises of permanent residency, […]

Global Remittance Flows in 2021: A Year of Recovery and Surprises

Published in marketscreener on November 17, 2021 KNOMAD and the World Bank have just released our new semi-annual report – Migration and Development Brief 35. It is remarkable to see the recovery in remittance flows in 2021, proving again their reliability as an absolute lifeline for families of migrants back home, especially in times of need. In[…]



Don’t let IMF, WB give dictation: US economist

By Mehtab Haider Published in The News on November 18, 2021 ISLAMABAD: Renowned visiting US economist Dr Artur B Laffer has said that Pakistan would have to fix its currency against the US dollar and ensure free trade to achieve prosperity and refrain from listening to the advice of the IMF and World Bank. In a keynote[…]