Why is the IMF so unpopular?

By Usman Hayat Published in DAWN on July 14, 2021 People have protested against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in country after country that has borrowed from it, be it Argentina, Ecuador, Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan or Tunisia. The placards held by the protesters often accuse the IMF, the global lender of last resort, of […]



The new kingdom

By Rafia Zakaria Published in DAWN on July 07, 2021 ABOUT a decade ago, the rulers of Saudi Arabia faced some difficult truths. Fossil fuels, experts must have told them, were increasingly a losing bet. The dark liquid that they extracted from the earth would not bring in the millions and billions so unfailingly as it did[…]



Remittance loyalty programme on the cards

Published in DAWN on July 03, 2021 ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the government will soon launch a `National Remittance Loyalty Programme’ for overseas Pakistanis to provide them incentives for their contributions to the country’s development. While presiding over a meeting on remittances on Friday, the prime minister highlighted the need for taking measures to[…]