Presentation on “Climate Risks, Climate Action and Development: No Regrets Policies for Pakistan” by Dr. Ghazala Mansuri, Lead Economist, World Bank at GIDS on 21st December 2022

Dr. Ghazala Mansuri, Lead Economist, for South Asia in the Poverty and Equity Global Practice of the World and a Global Lead for the Welfare Implications of Climate Change visited the Graduate Institute of Development Studies (GIDS), Lahore School of Economics on 21st December 2022. Her presentation was based on the Country Climate and Development Report for […]

IMF negotiations

Published in DAWN on December 26, 2022 WITH the country’s foreign exchange reserves depleting to dangerous levels, all eyes are on the government to see how its negotiations with the IMF pan out. Friday’s pages carried a concerning report on the State Bank’s forex holdings, which stood at just $6.1bn after the week that ended Dec 16.[…]



IMF: back to square one

By Sarfaraz A Khan Published in DAWN on December 19, 2022 KARACHI: It wasn’t long ago when previous finance minister Miftah Ismail went to the IMF in the hope of securing a deal and getting funds that the country desperately needed. A few months later, Pakistan is back in pretty much the same situation. Pakistan’s financial managers[…]