Decoding Goldin’s Nobel for Pakistan

By Afshan Subohi Published in DAWN on October 16, 2023 The significance of acknowledging a leading female labour economist went unnoticed in a turbulent world preoccupied with intensifying conflict in the Middle East, which imperils the hard-won gains in peace, development and human dignity achieved over centuries. Last week, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the […]

Capital market death

By Ammar Habib Khan Published in The News on October 15, 2023 Capital markets in any economy characterize the nature of that economy. The depth of such markets refers to how much capital exists in such a market, while the breadth refers to how much such a market is spread out to various sectors. A vibrant capital[…]



IMF sees large financing needs

By Shahbaz Rana Published in Express Tribune on October 13, 2023 ISLAMABAD: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Thursday that Pakistan’s external financing needs remain large but its foreign exchange reserves coverage is precarious at only 70% of the country’s short-term foreign debt. In its Middle East and Central Asia Economic Outlook, the global lender highlighted[…]