Doughnut economics

By Sarah Saleh Published in DAWN on January 13, 2022 THROUGHOUT the course of history, numerous economic theories have emerged as a response to global crises. Within capitalism itself, many economic theories have flourished by countering economic problems and restoring equilibrium. For instance, the classical model of economics founded by Adam Smith was perfect for the 19th […]



2021: Amid troubles & struggles

By Lubna Jerar Naqvi Published in The News on January 01, 2022 The year 2021 has been an incredibly hard year for many, as we trudged on through another year of the pandemic. While we were struggling for semblance of normalcy, there were still many issues amplified especially in the case of women and children due to[…]



Current economic trends

By Dr Hafiz A Pasha Published in Business Recorder on January 11, 2021 The first six months of 2021-22 have come to an end. This is an appropriate time to identify the ongoing economic trends from the viewpoint of assessing the prospects for the remainder of the year. Highlighted below are some of the positive and the[…]