Betting on hot money

By Nasir Jamal Published in Dawn, January 27, 2020 The foreign portfolio investment (FPI) in short-term government debt in recent months has spawned a controversy and debate on the potential benefits and risks of such flows. Popularly known as hot money, global capital inflows were recently a target of criticism by Princeton economist Atif Mian. In a[…]



Use of illegal remittance channels on the rise in Pakistan: Reza Baqir

By: Salman Siddiqui Published in The Express Tribune, January 11, 2020 KARACHI: The State Bank governor on Friday said overseas Pakistanis were increasingly using informal channels to send remittances to the country. “We are seeing that the use of formal channels for sending money [by expatriates] is not growing as much as the use of informal channels,” Reza[…]