Pakistan plans to tap pockets of citizens overseas to boost reserves

Published in Gulf News on August 26, 2020 Islamabad: Pakistan is moving a step closer to raising funds from its citizens living overseas through bonds or deposits, as the central bank seeks to tap a new pool of savings to boost foreign exchange reserves. The plan involves allowing non-resident Pakistanis to open digital accounts starting next week […]



Betting on expatriates — once again

By Dilawar Hussain Published in DAWN on August 24, 2020 The Roshan Digital Account is yet another initiative to encourage the sixth largest diaspora (8.5 million people) in the world to invest in Pakistan’s capital markets. In addition to enabling non-resident Pakistanis (NRPs) to invest in the country’s stock market, the Roshan Digital Account will allow them[…]



Higher export prices offset lower demand

Published in Express Tribune on August 22, 2020 LAHORE: Pakistan’s exporting firms did not report a significant change in the value of their export goods despite Covid-19 as decrease in demand was largely neutralised by higher prices for some of the goods. Exporters were satisfied with the steps taken by the government, however, there were a few[…]