October remittances grow 14pc, rising for fifth straight month

By Fayaz Hussain Published in DAWN on November 12, 2020 Remittances during the month of October rose 14.1 per cent year-on-year to $2.3 billion, clocking in above the $2bn mark for the fifth consecutive month, data released by the State Bank of Pakistan showed on Thursday. “Workers’ remittances remained above $2 billion for the fifth consecutive month […]

Reforming ‘kafala’

Published in DAWN on November 06, 2020 COUNTLESS Pakistanis who have worked in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states are familiar with the kafala system. This system of ‘sponsorship’ severely restricts the freedoms foreign workers have in the kingdom, basically with the kafeel or sponsor having the final say in when and if the worker can leave[…]

Monopolies and markets

Published in The News on November 03, 2020 One frequently reads or hears about the need for the structural transformation of the economy by means of which the institutions or people advocating such reforms usually emphasise changes in macroeconomic policies. This includes widening the tax net, reducing the fiscal deficit, enhancing factor productivity etc. However, very little[…]