Not Quite Here: Politics Of The Diasporas

By Nadeem Farooq Paracha Published in The Friday Times on March 21, 2023 Some 13 years ago, when I was heading the media department of a British organisation, I got the chance to observe how most British expats in Pakistan voted in the 2010 UK parliamentary elections. Nine out of the 12 expats who agreed to reveal […]



Structural adjustment flops

By Abbas Moosvi Published in The Express Tribune on March 16, 2023 Structural adjustment programmes by the IMF have been characterised, in the neoliberal era, by two overarching goals: a) macroeconomic stabilisation via a reduction in the fiscal deficit, mitigation of the rate of inflation, and improvement in the current account; and b) privatisation/ denationalisation. The first[…]

Indus Waters Treaty under threat: Part – I

By Shafqat Kakakhel Published in The News on March 12, 2023 On January 25, the Indian government proposed, through a communication from the Indian Indus commissioner to his Pakistani counterpart, bilateral negotiations – to commence within ninety days – on modifying the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) signed in September 1960. The text of the Indian communication is[…]