IMF dictates tough deal for $3.5b

By Shahbaz Rana Published in The Express Tribune on September 03, 2022 ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has signed off an unrealistically tough agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in return for a $3.5 billion loan, which requires a further increase in electricity, and gas prices, a mini-budget and a cut worth Rs534 billion on development spending as part […]



The reality of foreign assistance

By Zafar U. Ahmed Published in DAWN on September 03, 2022 IN the modern age, no country can flourish in isolation. They have to trade: whether for fuel, technology, labour, etc. Pakistan wants to import much, but has limited competitive goods to sell in return — so it takes from international lenders or relies on aid to[…]

A pyrrhic victory

By S. Akbar Zaidi Published in DAWN on September 01, 2022 CELEBRATING an IMF deal is a contradiction in terms. Such agreements might temporarily rescue governments and their economies, but these are always anti-people with deep and deleterious long-term consequences. The announcement made by the IMF to revive Pakistan’s programme this week, which perhaps the government of[…]