Covid-19’s impact on income inequality

By Afshan Subohi Published in Dawn, The Business and Finance Weekly, February 8th, 2021 Pakistan has proven to be unique. She managed to escape the catastrophe and succeeded in orchestrating the economic recovery quicker and at a pace faster than others despite all odds. A closer look, however, unveils some disturbing facts that bring into questions the […]



Economic fallout: Travel bans, lockdowns shrink job opportunities for expats

By Waqas Ahmed Published in The Express Tribune on February 01, 2021 ISLAMABAD: The pandemic-induced travel bans and lockdowns have direly reduced job opportunities for overseas Pakistanis. Due to the prevalent situation, only 224,000 Pakistanis got employment opportunities abroad in 2020 — a significant reduction from the pre-Covid times. According to an official document received by The[…]

Rethink public finance rules and live with much higher debt, IMF says

Published in The News on January 29, 2021 LONDON: Most advanced economies can live with much higher levels of public debt after the coronavirus crisis, according to the IMF, which has said nations should “rethink” their public finance rules rather than rushing to reduce their liabilities. After the financial crisis a decade ago the fund recommended that[…]