CPEC international agreement Need for language planning and policy (part I)

By: Sabiha Mansoor & Fareeha Zafar Published in Daily Times on October 29, 2020 The agreement to create the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was formally signed in 2015 between the two governments of China and Pakistan. There are two main parts to the agreement: One is the development of energy, infrastructure, economic zones and development of Gwadar […]



Migrant workers face layoffs

Published in The Express Tribune on October 29, 2020 LAHORE: Around 90 million people are expected to fall into poverty as a repercussion of Covid-19, and the future of migrant workers of the South and South-East Asian economies does not seem encouraging, said Centre on International Migration, Remittances and Diaspora (CIMRAD) Director Rashid Amjad. During the second[…]



The puzzling increase in remittances

By Dr Junaid Ahmed Published in The Express Tribune on October 28, 2020 Like many developing countries, Pakistan heavily relies on international remittances to sustain its economy. The money sent by overseas Pakistanis even exceeds the country’s export receipts. Any shock to remittance inflows can therefore have a significant impact on the country’s macroeconomic stability. During the[…]