Women in parliament

By Dr Naazir Mahmood Published in The News on November 09, 2021 It was a good experience to conduct a session with some women parliamentarians in Islamabad in the last week of October. Most of these representatives of the people were first-time parliamentarians, but their immense desire to contribute to improving parliamentary democracy in Pakistan was impressive. […]



Economic inclusion of women: nothing will change until we do

By Mohsen Siddiqui Published in The Express Tribune, November 08, 2021 Imagine keeping a third of your team out of the ground in every game while you are trying to win a championship. Sounds absurd, doesn’t it. Well, this is exactly what we do with the women of our country when we keep 75% of them out[…]



Is Pakistan’s public debt sustainable?

By Usman Hayat Published in Dawn, November 03, 2021 Is Pakistan’s public debt sustainable? Let’s try to answer this question in an apolitical manner and in relatively simple terms while examining the bigger picture. Pakistan’s public debt profile According to the debt bulletin by the finance ministry’s Debt Policy Coordination Office, Pakistan’s gross public debt was just[…]