Dr. Khalil Hamdani, Visiting Professor GIDS, addresses the question on “Asian-Pacific Regional Cooperation in the Post-COVID-19 Era”

Dr. Khalil Hamdani, Visiting Professor GIDS contributed to the title “The Great Upheaval: Resetting Development Policy and Institutions for the Decade of Action in Asia and the Pacific”. The Cambridge University Press publication edited by Swarnim Waglé and Kanni Wignaraja examines the opportunities to rekindle sustainable growth in the Asian-Pacific region that was stalled by the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Dr. Hamdani’s chapter “Asian-Pacific Regional Cooperation in the Post-COVID-19 Era” focuses on the role of regional cooperation. In the past, ttrade, investment and technology flows within the region have significantly contributed to high economic growth and development. He points out that the post-Covid world has brought forth two major challenges for regional cooperation; helping countries advance on UN SDGs and devising strategies to reduce vulnerabilities to future threats and build resilence. He emphasizes on the necessity of basing further regional integration on a collaborative network of several sub-regional initiatives, with support from the multilateral institution.
An e-copy of the book can be accessed at https://www.undp.org/library/great-upheaval

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