Research Fellows and Graduates of GIDS to participate in the 7th European Research Conference on Microfinance

Research fellows and graduates of GIDS will be participating in the 7th European Research Conference on Microfinance to be held at Yunus Center for Social Business and Health, Glasgow CaledoniaUniversity, UK from the 20th till 22nd June, 2022. Details of the participants are given below:
Five paper presentations by:
  • Ms. Almazia Shahzad, Research Fellow, GIDS
    Paper titled “The Need to Rethink Microfinance”
  • Ms. Samar Quddus, Research Fellow, GIDS
    Two papers titled “Investigating the role of adaptive strategies in reducing vulnerabilities of Micro-credit borrowers: A survey based evidence from Rural Pakistan” and “Access to Formal versus Informal Credit in Ensuring Food Security for Rural Households in Pakistan: An Evidence from Climate Change Impact Survey”
  • Ms. Fariya Hashmat, Research Fellow, GIDS
    Paper titled “Assessing The Impact of Covid-19 on Microfinance Beneficiaries: Findings from Qualitative Research in Rural Punjab in Pakistan”
  • Ms. Urooj Jamil, MPhil (2019), GIDS
    Paper titled “Does Microfinance improve Non-Income Outcomes? A New Evidence from AKHUWAT Islamic Microfinance Organisation in Pakistan”

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